I LOVE what I DO
and found
Way to help OTHERS.

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The journey of a single mother of two children, based out of California, creating a dream life, was imperative to become an asset to myself, my children, & others. The fire of ambition, entrepreneurship, and ownership increased my drive to build a dynamic business that I can be shared with others and allow others to make their dreams come true, is what brought Her Bellomar Lifestyle to life.

Helping womenpreneurs to achieve success wherever they are to obtain the freedom to live how they choose too. 

A Dynamic Business

Yellow Roses

My name is Chastitee.Witherspoon

In my life journey, I found myself with my back against the wall, making things happen. The great thing is I made them happen; the ugly truth about it is my back had to be against the wall for me to produce. Why? because the sense of urgency that applies differently when you have no other options but to take action. It then dawned on me that no matter where I found myself along my journey, three places consistently showed up in my life and career path Alignment (personal development & structure) 

Abundance (cashflow)

Liberation (Living life on your terms)

My alignment showed up in my Personal development, which was one of the most valuable tools I needed to acknowledge my strengths & self-awareness to be able to help others to recognize their goals. Self-awareness taught me to align myself with my passion, priorities and profit to help others to do the same by embodying the unapologetic version that activates the abundance and liberation you deserve.

"Helping women achieve success wherever they are to obtain the freedom to live, how they choose to!"

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Sugar Coating 

Sugar coating success isn't brunch and mimosas, but it can be with a sustainable income and a lifestyle you love. I've always had a desire to do things differently and —to challenge the status quo.  


Listen, I know career changes happen. I've been through their, but this is what I've taken away from it:  

  • Teaching others (Your expertise)

  • Creating solution-based services or products.

  • Helping others WIN & PROFIT in Life/Business

 So why make life hard just figuring it ou and actually be intentional with your time, win and have fun doing it!


Create a path of abundance for yourself and It's your turn to become the Unapologetic HER  Healthy, Embodied, and Redefined Woman!


San Diego, California